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Visplay’s shopfitting systems for walls, ceilings and mid-floor areas provide a solution for every need and can be continually reconfigured with a wide range of merchandise supports.


Worldwide delivery
Visplay’s interior systems are developed in close collaboration with architects and customers, and are available worldwide, wherever our clients call home. All retail system products from Visplay are shipped in flatpacks, including any pre-assembled elements.

Precision in every detail
The technology of Visplay’s shopfitting systems remains largely hidden from view, without sacrificing any of their functionality.

Mid-floor, walls and ceilings
They form an integral part of the architecture, and lend structure and character to interiors. Some of the systems can be used in all three zones and many can be used together.

Custom solutions
Dimensions, colours and surface finishes: All Visplay standard systems can of course be adapted to individual requirements and situations.

Shipment and assembly
A number of retail systems by Visplay are easy to assemble without tools. These products can be mounted, reconfigured or dismantled without the assistance of a specialist technician.

Powered systems
A point of sale that links online and offline media for the purpose of in-store communication? All systems equipped with Plug & Live Power (P/L) have identical connections—with the exception of the end cable, which is specific to each respective system. Installation is so simple that an electrician is not required.

Testing, handling, feeling, smelling—a contemporary shopping experience effortlessly combines the possibilities offered by the offline world with modern digital advancements. These include, for example, electronic shelf labels (ESL) or elegantly integrated USB connections.