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In its product portfolio, Visplay uses terminology that not everyone may be familiar with. The following provides several short explanations. If you have any further questions or queries, feel free to contact us.

Merchandise supports

Merchandise supports are display surfaces or fittings on which our customers can display their merchandise, information, promotional offers or decorative materials in a striking fashion. This can be achieved in very different manners – depending on the sector and area of use. That is why merchandise supports are extremely versatile. They are either inserted, latched or hooked into place depending on the type of system. One special advantage: merchandise supports can be repositioned or interchanged at any time, offering maximum flexibility.

A wide variety of merchandise supports are available for all Visplay systems, and come in a choice of colours and surface finishes. The following provides an overview of the most popular versions and their usage options.

Front arms

Front arms are metal rods that are fitted horizontally and allow a practical presentation on hangers. Suited to lightweight hanging merchandise, for example textiles or accessories, they ensure a simple, yet professional display with the aid of end stops. Front arms are available in straight, sloping and stepped versions. They can be round or square and exist in several diameters.


Specially designed for small lightweight hanging items, such as textiles, accessories or merchandise in blister packs. With the aid of end stops, hooks guarantee an optimum orderly presentation.

Hanging frames

Hanging frames are metal frames that are fitted horizontally on the wall or in a suitable structure. Ideal for displaying apparel.


Designed to support hanging rails, as well as shelves made of wood, glass or metal. Suitable for shelves with or without electrification option. Available in a straight or stepped version, with a choice of diameters. Clamping brackets create a particular highlight: they support shelves on a single arm.

Looped hooks

Ideally suited to the display of lightweight hanging goods, for example textiles, accessories or merchandise in blister packs.


These enable versatile presentations of folded or standing items. Exist in a selection of materials, such as wood, glass and metal. Also optionally available in an electrified version (P/L) with integrated LEDs: to perfectly illuminate everything that deserves to be in the spotlight.

Back bars

Back bars support shelves. They vary depending on whether they will hold shelves are made of wood, glass or metal – and special versions have been developed for electrified shelves. Back bars are also ideal for displays of heavy merchandise.

Hanging rails

Hanging rails are made of metal, and specially designed for hanging goods. Installed horizontally, they facilitate the hanging and removal of individual garments. Hanging rails come in a variety of diameters and are also available as T-shaped arms.

Merchandise support frames

These merchandise support frames are used exclusively with the Multi-Lane system. They are optionally available in an electrified version.

Other merchandise supports

We also offer specific merchandise supports for the presentation of particular accessories – for example frame holders for eyewear, hook rails for ties and belts, hat arms, as well as special straight or sloping shoe shelves.

Plug & Live Power (P/L)

Our electrified systems benefit from so-called Plug & Live Power (P/L). They allow the easy integration of digital devices, LED lights, electronic shelf labels or USB connectors into any presentation. Merchandise supports with LEDs are automatically powered as soon as they are inserted, hooked or latched into the respective system.

Electronic shelf labels

Electronic shelf labels are easily attached to our electrified systems, where they are automatically powered without the need for batteries. Each ESL has a unique identifier and a receiver. Prices can be automatically transmitted to the ESL from a central control system and quickly updated at any time.

The usage of electronic labels is virtually unlimited: they can display product descriptions, graphics, photos, QR codes and barcodes alongside the price. They also allow communication with different apps: the customer selects a product via the app – and a small LED lights up on the shelf label. Electronic shelf labels come in a choice of surface finishes, colours and sizes.