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New Visplay products at EuroShop 2020

Omnio P/L

Omnio is a powered free-standing structural system that can be positioned mid-floor and against the wall for space-creating purposes and interior design concepts – offering maximum creative freedom.

Invisible 6 P/L

The Invisible design puts the focus on the merchandise. The horizontal support system suit a wide range of needs and product lines.

  • Clarea LED Shelf - the linear design of Invisible 6 P/L is so unobtrusive that it does not distract from the merchandise display. The system is now being expanded with the new LED shelves Clarea: They combine the advantages of scratch-resistant, film-laminated aluminium with integrated electrification and LED lighting. Shelf with illuminated perimeter creates additional accents.

  • Glass shelf - the new generation of LED glass shelves is equipped with an invisible current collector, enabling use of the entire shelf surface.

Qubo P/L

The simple, understated structural system Qubo can be assembled into elegant, slimline structures, such as cubes, shelf units, tables, plinths, and gondolas. Thanks to the electrification feature, the universal structures readily incorporate lighting, including LED shelving, and digital devices.

  • New Health & Beauty Depth - Qubo 25 P/L is now available in a new depth of just 330 mm to better showcase products for Health & Beauty and other small items.

  • LED Frame - thanks to the new LED frame, the highest row of shelves can now be illuminated even on structures without a wooden display panel equipped with LEDs.

  • Front arms - the new front arms for hanging rails can be attached to the single hanging rails on one and both sides.

  • Metal top shelves and metal inlays - the new metal inlays and top shelves allow a configuration with uniform materials and surface finish.


The hanging Multi-Lane merchandise supports are available with electrical power for optional lighting. They offer a flexible layout that can be modified at any time without tools. The ceiling profile can simultaneously house merchandise supports with a low voltage power supply (24 V) and ceiling lamps (230 V). This dual function simplifies planning and allows a flexible use of space.

  • Floor attachments - the new floor attachments are used when the merchandise support frame is not to be free hanging, for example, because it is supporting fragile goods, is subject to a high traffic flow or has a one-sided load. It can be retrofitted to existing frames.

  • Floor-to-rail upright - the new Multi-Lane floor-to-rail upright with screw connector can support heavy goods and are also suited as room dividers.

  • Screw connector - the new screw connector can be permanently mounted on Multi-Lane profiles, if tool-free use and a high level of flexibility are not required

You can find the detailed information in our brochure "New Products"