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EuroShop 2020

Together with Vizona and Ansorg and the aid of the creative agency Kemmler Kemmler, we enhanced our EuroShop concept from 2017, adapting it to up-to-date requirements.

Brick-and-mortar retail is under enormous pressure. Rent prices in inner cities are rising, online retail promises relaxing shopping from home, and while being more critical of consumerism than their parents, the young generation also expects an exceptional experience. Consumer values are stronger and greater sustainability is in demand. How the future of retail will look was showcased on a stand covering approx. 1000 m² . In the current concept, four shopping categories – health & beauty, fashion, mobility and food – were intertwined, creating ’Shared Spaces’ at the interfaces.

The basic message conveyed by our exhibition stand was as follows: Stationary retail will transform from mono-thematic stores into collaborative and cooperative shared spaces.

For example the transition zone between fashion and mobility was equipped with an eye-tracking tool, which determined the current mood of the customer in order to offer a tailored shopping experience. In the fashion area, visitors were enthralled by a personalised lighting ambience in the changing room, and in the mobility zone by an in-store driving experience adapted to their mood.

In the passage from mobility to beauty, the customer’s senses were stimulated by a scent bar with synthetic fragrances inspired by the principal materials associated with cars, such as rubber and leather. Each aroma acquires an individual note upon contact with the skin.

A ‘Detox room’ for relaxation was the central element in the health & beauty area, designed to allow customers to forget the stress of everyday life and relax quietly before beginning to shop. Created with sustainable materials within the Invisible Change wall by Visplay, the organoid wall panels were combined with Clarea LED shelves fitted with subdued light to create a natural setting that expresses elegance and sustainability. Another highlight was the new Omnio system by Visplay, used in the health & Beauty window display and as a mid-floor unit with integrated self-check-out system.

The transition between health & beauty and the food zone provided a striking product combination. Here, Visplay demonstrated the flexibility of its systems, marrying the Omnio system with the tried and tested Multi-Lane solution.

The result was a hanging integrated herb garden. Herbs, which are symbolically used as oils in the health & beauty area, as well as in the food zone. Local produce is a trending theme in the food sector. Small surfaces growing mushrooms were therefore integrated. The mushroom theme was continued in the transition from food to fashion, appearing not just as a focal point in its edible form; the tinger fungus is a source of sustainable fungus leather, which can be used to create bags or accessories for the fashion sector.

Publication date: 22nd. April 2020
Pictures: Roman Thomas, Celle, Germany