Showroom Weil am Rhein

'The Village' – this comprises four retail concepts that we have implemented on our campus in Weil am Rhein. Each store represents a traditional retail sector: Automotive, Health & Beauty, Fashion, Food. A fictitious brand was created for each of these retail worlds, along with individual products and a history that invites customers on a journey. Each store is centred round a Visplay retail system.

People are changing the way they live, work and shop: e-commerce is overtaking traditional product displays in shops. Anyone looking to give their physical store a decisive competitive edge, focuses – even more intensively than ever – on their analogue strengths: excellent personal service and a shopping experience that appeals to all five senses. The core strategy is emotional engagement with customers. We were able to successfully unite these elements within the individual retail concepts in our showroom 'The Village', which was developed in collaboration with Finnish interior designer Joanna Laajisto. The showroom offers a memorable and emotionally binding experience that fulfils all the expectations of modern consumers.

Visitors discover the individual retail concepts and associated shopping experiences on a guided tour. Make an appointment now to visit our inspirational showroom 'The Village'.

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