All Goods - Food Store

In the All Goods Concept Store we demonstrate why the digital invasion of brick-and-mortar retail is such an important topic. The store belongs to the food sector. The wine shelf features a large monitor with an RFID scanner thanks to the use of our electrified system Kimea P/L. Here the customer can scan any bottle to independently obtain additional information about the respective winemaker or growing region.

The store's shelves are equipped with electronic labels. These not only simplify the work of sales staff but also reduce pricing errors to a minimum. This is how it works: paper price tags are replaced by electronic equivalents, which are mounted on the shelf and immediately powered, with no batteries needed. Each ESL has a unique identifier and a receiver. Prices can be transferred to the electronic shelf label from a central location, and automatically updated at any time.

Other important elements in the All Goods Store are our systems Kimea P/L, Xero L P/L and Xero Twin P/L. These electrified systems enable an optimum display of food products on the walls. Crates fitted with LED lighting are used as merchandise supports – a real eye-catcher in the concept store!


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