Cory - Fashion Store

Cory is a concept store from the fashion sector, and provides an impressive demonstration of the importance of functionality and individuality in modern-day retail. Let us begin with the shop window. It is the calling card of most stores today, enticing passing customers to set foot in the shop. This is perfectly demonstrated by the shop window at Cory – a fashion store, which owes its appeal to our Kado 15 system, which in turn allows utmost flexibility and personalisation. The addition of single wooden panels and merchandise supports to the open structure creates different levels and display surfaces, and enables multi-faceted design options for product presentation in the shop window. A variety of bags and shoes, as well as individual decorative elements are displayed. The white panels form a attractive contrast with the black basic system made of metal – the overall impression is that of a high-quality, clearly structured presentation!

Kado 15 can be flexibly reconfigured, extended at any time and adapted to current displays. The entrance alongside the shop window is deliberately kept minimal. Qubo 25 P/L creates a eye-catching feature that is used here to present folded apparel and standing items. The combination of the black basic system with wooden or marble shelves perfectly matches the design of the concept store.

Frequently changing collections require versatility: Multi-Lane makes it possible! Thanks to our ceiling rail system with freely hanging merchandise supports, the concept store can be reconfigured and adapted at any time. The same applies to our electrified system Mono 20 P/L. It is used on the wall. Shoes are secured with a single attachment on shelves that can be added or removed as required.

Another highlight in the Cory store: the electrified shelf system Qubo 25 P/L along the wall. Digital elements accompany the customers throughout their shopping journey. They are not just design elements but offer real added value with an emotional factor to visitors to the store.

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