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The concept store Sepio is the perfect demonstration that diverse appealing merchandise displays can also be achieved in small retail spaces. Sepio is a health & beauty store. Its central focus is on natural cosmetics. The window display creates curiosity and sparks interest, thanks to the freely hanging merchandise presentation using Multi-Lane. When entering the Sepio store, customers step into an environment that appeals to all their senses. This stimulating experience includes a neuromarketing technique: the space is sprayed with tiny amounts of a subtle fragrance that was specially developed for the brand. The interior design and use of natural oak and soft terracotta colours enhance the visual ambiance, in harmony with the natural cosmetics on display.

The centre piece of the entrance zone is an electrified gondola designed for promotional displays. This striking structure was created with Qubo 25 P/L. Customers expect comprehensive advice in the cosmetics sector, in particular due to the plethora of specialist products. The Sepio store scores points here with modern, digital solutions. The counter top contains products in small cubes. If one of these products is placed on the scanner integrated in the table, the customer obtains further information about its ingredients and use. This enables the customer to find out more about specific products at any time on the screen.

Our system Invisible 6 P/L is fitted with elegant shelves on the wall to display the natural cosmetics. These glass shelves are surrounded by a frame, which clearly highlights the products. The electrified profiles Invisible 6 P/Lautomatically power merchandise supports with LED lighting as soon as they are inserted.

Electronic shelf labelling (ESL) is also part of the presentation: it simplifies the work of sales staff and reduces pricing errors to a minimum. The electronic shelf labels are easily attached to the shelf and powered without batteries. Each ESL has a unique identifier and a receiver. Each ESL has a unique identifier and a receiver. Once customers have selected the product of their choice, a digital box serves as a fast, practical checkout.

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