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AOK Nordost, AOK-Servicecenter

Potsdam, Germany

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    Kathleen Friedrich / Christian Marschler

The AOK is a German, independent health insurance company. The customer center in Potsdam is a pioneering project to test an open and digitalized concept. This is supported by our modular and flexible system Multi-Lane.

Separate partitions and suspension possibilities are stored in a storage room so that the room structure can be easily changed for events, for example.

The Multi-Lane ceiling stretcher system provides for a flexible interior design. In order to get stability into the room dividers a special solution with floor supports was developed.

A combination of Multi-Lane andInvisible in the dividers makes it possible to use shelves to create presentation space.

Power cable routing through multi-lane rails enables the integration of screens without visible cables. Clean design that does not distract from the essential.

Multi-Lane can even be used as part of the kitchen and as a herb garden.