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Bang & Olufsen

Hamburg, Germany

  • Industry
  • Architecture
    Interior Architect Julia Kammann, Düsseldorf/Germany
  • Opening
    November 2019
  • Retail space
  • Shopfitters
    Schlegel GmbH
  • Photographer
    Philipp Kremer

The Danish manufacturer of high-end sound systems Bang & Olufsen opened its retail store in Hamburg in November 2019, furnished with our Multi-Lane and Invisible systems. The store radiates an elegant design that reflects the stylish character of the products on sale.

Thanks to the electrification option of the Invisible 6 P/L profiles, TVs, sounds systems as well as shelves with lighting can be easily mounted on the wall structures and simultaneously connected to the power supply.

The Multi-Lane system offers maximum flexibility in mid-floor spaces and shop windows. The sales floor is divided into individual zones by the hanging merchandise supports, giving the retail space a generous, open appearance. Window displays can also be individually adapted. Different merchandise supports can be suspended in the Multi-Lane profiles and adjusted in height to showcase a diverse range of products. Thanks to a slimline design, Multi-Lane and its merchandise supports open up the view of the store.