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Clichy, France

  • Industry
  • Opening
  • Retail space
    30 m²
  • Photographer
    Roman Thomas

Biotherm store in Clichy

In 2018 Biotherm opened a new store in Clichy. The French cosmetics and skin-care specialist selected our Invisible 6 P/L system for an eye-catching display of its luxury products.

The store's modern elegant design is perfectly accentuated by our Invisible system, which lends a structured effect to the walls in question. The basic element is a 6 mm thick profile that conceals an electrified rail. Different merchandise supports are hooked into the profile at a slight angle and can be repositioned anywhere along its length as required.

Invisible 6 P/L is an electrified version of the display system, and enables the integration of digital devices. Merchandise supports with LED lighting are automatically powered once they are hooked into place. Biotherm uses tablets to provide customers with information on the individual beauty lines.

The display can be flexibly adjusted at any time to highlight individual products.

Product overview