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Nuremberg, Germany

  • Industry
  • Architecture
    Blocher Partners, Stuttgart/ Germany
  • Opening
    September 2020
  • Retail space
    11.000 qm
  • Shopfitters
    Umdasch, Amstetten/ Austria
  • Photographer
    Joachim Grothus

Breuninger department store in Nuremberg

As a fashion and lifestyle company, Breuninger sets high standards in products, services and customer care – and this should be reflected within its stores in an understated yet clearly legible manner. The new branch in Nuremberg is fitted with the Visplay systems Invisible 6 P/L, Beam and Stripes, as well as Clarea LED shelves.

The 11,000 m2 department store offers a brand diversity of almost 1,000 labels, which requires a highly versatile retail interior. Yet, the merchandise displays should also have a sophisticated high-quality appearance – nothing must seem temporary or transitory. Visplay systems perfectly embody both these requirements.

Invisible 6 P/L combined with Clarea LED shelves in the colour gold, are understated in character and put the emphasis on the merchandise. The lighting integrated in the shelves is powered simply by hooking the merchandise supports into the profile.