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Brugge, Belgium

  • Industry
  • Opening
    April 2018
  • Retail space
    1000 m²
  • Photographer
    Roman Thomas

Dhondt store in Bruges

Founded in 1930, Dhondt is a family company specialising in home decor, interior furnishings and fittings, particularly cookware and tableware. The store in Bruges is fitted with the Kado 25 and Qubo 25 P/L systems from Visplay.

Kado 25 and Qubo 25 P/L form a versatile surface for merchandise displays. As structural systems, they also serve to divide and organise large open spaces through which the customer is then guided. At Dhondt, the version in a white powder-coated finish generates an understated yet very modern appearance.

Kado 25 can be used mid-floor, as well as on the wall and ceiling. The system's structure and expression can be enhanced by the addition of panels, and extension is possible in any direction. Kado is easy to assemble, reconfigure and dismantle again. Qubo 25 P/L can be used to create cubes, shelf units, tables, plinths and gondolas, with LED lighting that automatically illuminates when the merchandise supports are inserted. With these two display systems, Dhondt benefits from enormous creative freedom – even in the store windows.

Product overview