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Brugge, Belgium

  • Industry
  • Opening
  • Retail space
    1000 m²
  • Photographer
    Roman Thomas

Dhondt is a Belgian family company founded in 1930, specialising in cookware, tableware, home decor and interior furnishings.

Known for their innovative and tasteful products, the brand opened a new store in Bruges, Belgium in 2017. The shop occupies an entire building and is furnished with the systems Kado 25 and Qubo 25 P/L.

Use of the structural systems Kado and Qubo in mid-floor zones creates individual spaces through which the customer is guided.

Kado and Qubo can be equipped and customised with diverse merchandise supports. Thanks to large presentation surfaces and different configuration and expansion options, the systems offer plenty of space for heavy merchandise and large numbers of items.

In addition to use as standard display structures, Qubo is also ideal for shop window designs.

Electrication makes matters even simpler: shelves are simply inserted and LED lamps are powered and light up.

Product overview