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Posthausen, Germany

  • Industry
  • Architecture
    Blocher Blocher Partners, Stuttgart/ Germany
  • Opening
    September 2015
  • Shopfitters
    Schrader, Verden/ Germany
  • Photographer
    Joachim Grothus

Shopping mall in Posthausen

Dodenhof Posthausen, the largest shopping centre in North Germany, is furnished with our systems Invisible 6 P/L, Xero 4, Xero 8, Area 13 and Label. The mall was opened in 2015 by the famous retail company Dodenhof.

Invisible 6 P/L is embedded in panels and creates optimum wall displays. The system's basic element is a profile: merchandise supports in the form of shelves are hooked into the profile and showcase shoes, bags and diverse decorative elements, such as picture frames or plants. Invisible 6 P/L also has the major advantage that merchandise supports can be flexibly rearranged at any time to suit the product assortment on display.

Xero 4 and Xero 8 are used to create display installations for wall and mid-floor zones. Aluminium profiles form the basis of these systems. White wooden shelves are hooked into the profiles embedded in wooden panels and utilised for the presentation of shoes. The shelves provide a striking platform and draw maximum attention to the merchandise. Glass shelves are used in the mid-floor zone, primarily to showcase shoes.

Xero 8 demonstrates its advantages in the store's lingerie section: due to the system's very wide slots, two merchandise supports can be hooked into place side by side. This ensures the optimum presentation of a wide variety of products. Small accessories, such as socks, are displayed using hooks. Thanks to the diverse benefits of our individual systems, clearly structured retail spaces are achieved.