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Espace Mode

Genval, Belgium


Espace Mode store in Genval

The multi-brand clothing store offers a wide selection of fashion for men, women and children. Spanning more than 1000m², the retail interior is furnished with the Visplay systems Kado 15, Kado 25, Beam, Grid 50, MixMix, Stripes, Icons Flat and Label.

Kado 15 and Kado 25 offer spacious presentation surfaces for diverse fashion products and are primarily used in mid-floor zones. The structures were selected in a black anodised finish here. As they are easy to assemble, dismantle and reconfigure, Kado can be individually adapted at any time.

Hanging and folded items are displayed on the walls of the store using the Beam system. Beam is suitable for lightweight and heavy goods, and its merchandise supports can be repositioned as required at incremental heights.

Grid 50 is also used for mid-floor displays, particularly in zones requiring extremely versatile presentations: the entire surface of the structure can be used.

MixMix was selected to showcase accessories, using a range of front arms. The display stands Icons flat are used mid-floor for hanging garments – the addition of wooden shelves is ideal for folded items.