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Espace Mode

Genval, Belgium


The multi-brand clothing store Espace Mode in Genval, Belgium offers a wide selection of fashion for men, women and children.

Spanning a space of more than 1000m², the retail interior is furnished with Kado 25, Kado 15, Beam, Grid 50, MixMix, Stripes, Icons Flat and Label.

Our structural systems Kado 25 and Kado 15 are primarily used here in mid-floor zones. Free-standing Kado configurations are perfect for these display areas, but can also be used along walls. Kado offers spacious presentation surfaces for diverse fashion articles and each structure can be individually extended at any time.

Our systems Beam, Stripes, Grid 50 and MixMix provide display options for wall areas. Merchandise supports are clipped onto the Beam and Stripes profiles and can be repositioned as required. Thanks to their simple, understated design, both systems are suited to the presentation of diverse merchandise groups.

MixMix is used to display accessories, and can be extended both horizontally and vertically with additional aluminium profiles. Front arms are inserted in MixMix to support handbags and can be repositioned for a changing layout on the wall display system. MixMix can also be used with a variety of other merchandise supports.

With its industrial look, Grid 50 is the perfect solution for young and sporty brand concepts. Different merchandise supports can be flexibly inserted and repositioned in the grid-like structure.