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Kastner & Öhler

Innsbruck, Austria

  • Industry
  • Architecture
    Dioma AG, Kastner & Öhler Intern & Whir3
  • Opening
  • Retail space
    6.500 qm
  • Shopfitters
    Buldecor Ltd, Sofia/ Bulgaria & Knoblauch GmbH, Markdorf/ Germany
  • Lightning designer
    Vedder Lightmanagement
  • Lightning technology
    XAL Lighting, Graz/ Austria
  • Photographer
    Jens Pfisterer

Kastner & Öhler department store in Innsbruck

Founded in 1873, the department store chain based in Graz opened a branch in Innsbruck, spanning 6,500m2 and showcasing 100,000 items of apparel from 300 brands. Kastner & Öhler opted to outfit the retail interior with the Visplay systems Invisible 6 P/L, Label and Xero 4.

When you stock as many different brands as Kastner & Öhler, the customers need to know about it. This is communicated here with the frameless display system Label, which can be freely positioned, yet is extremely stable.

The horizontal support system Invisible 6 P/L and the vertical system Xero 4 are used for the wall and mid-floor displays of varied folded and hanging goods. They not only allow flexibility in the presentation of diverse assortments, but also disappear behind the merchandise thanks to their understated appearance.

Product overview