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La Maison Simons

Vancouver, Canada


La Maison Simons in Vancouver

La Maison Simons is a Canadian fashion retailer based in the province of Quebec. The family company opened a new store in Vancouver in October 2015, where our systems Invisible 6 P/L and MixMix play a prominent role.

Invisible 6 P/L is used on walls and in mid-floor zones. Hanging rails, front arms and shelves in a range of colours and surface finishes are hooked into the basic profile element to showcase hanging, folded and standing items. The merchandise supports can be repositioned at any time as required and also individually replaced – this guarantees maximum flexibility.

Our MixMix system is also used in the mid-floor area for the display of lightweight and small articles. Merchandise supports, such as front arms, are hooked into the aluminium profiles, for example to display bags. These merchandise supports can also be rearranged in any manner.

Thanks to their functionality and simple clear design, both systems blend in perfectly with the interior concept used by La Maison Simons.

Product overview