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Mamas and Papas

White City, London, England

  • Industry
  • Architecture
    Dalziel & Pow, London/ England
  • Opening
    March 2016
  • Roll out
    Single Project
  • Shopfitters
  • Lightning technology
    Ansorg, Mülheim/ Germany
  • Photographer
    Dalziel & Pow, London/ England

Mamas & Papas is a nursery retail brand established in Great Britain. The London flagship store opened in 2016, with an interior designed to offer young families and expecting parents a very special shopping experience.

The Xero system provides an optimum solution for the display of diverse products throughout the store. Thanks to a strong profile, Xero L P/L can be fitted with expansive and solid merchandise supports able to showcase prams and pushchairs at different heights. Front arms for baby clothes are also easily inserted into the Xero profile.

The electrified profiles provide an additional highlight, serving simultaneously as a power source for shelves with integrated LED lighting.

Product overview