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New York, USA

  • Industry
  • Architecture
    Lumsden Design, London/Great Britain
  • Opening
  • Retail space
    350 m²

The Museum of Modern Art in New York holds one of the world's most important and influential collections of modern and contemporary art.

The walls of the museum shop are furnished with our Invisible 6 P/L system. Thanks to its understated elegant design, Invisible optimally highlights the merchandise on display. Visible only as a shadow joint, the Invisible system disappears in the background.

Shelves and display screens can be inserted into the powered profile of Invisible 6 P/L and connected to electricity. Not only can screens be operated, but merchandise is also illuminated. Diverse electronic devices can be presented on the shelves and powered through connection to the integrated power rail. With Invisible, the merchandise display can be reconfigured at any time, as different merchandise supports can be inserted at varied heights and repositioned along the horizontal profile.

Product overview