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Nike House of Innovation

New York City, USA


Nike opened its new House of Innovation in New York in November 2018. The six-storey flagship store on 5th Avenue offers an exceptional immersive experience for athletes.

Our versatile structural system Qubo 25 P/L provides expansive display possibilities for diverse products. Thanks to the electrification of Qubo, products can be spotlighted by shelves with LED lighting. Display screens and other electronic devices can also be connected to the powered structure. Qubo enables multiple configuration options and is suited for wall displays and mid-floor use.

The vertical wall display system Xero 4 is used to present more lightweight products. Xero is an unobtrusive system that supports shelves and hanging rails. Thanks to its understated design, Xero does not form a distracting background, but instead highlights the products. The inserted merchandise supports can be flexibly adjusted in height at any time.

Product overview