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Nike House of Innovation

Paris, France


Nike House of Innovation in Paris

Nike opened the House of Innovation in Paris in July 2020 – a fascinating immersive experience for sports enthusiasts. The expansive store is equipped with the Visplay systems Qubo 25 P/L, Xero 4, Xero Struc 4 and Multi-Lane.

Qubo 25 P/L is used as the central element for the all-important display of Nike shoes. Selected in the colour traffic white duro, it emphasises the store's modern linear industrial look. The shelves offer diverse presentation options and their LEDs are automatically powered when the shelf is inserted – in the same manner as the integrated displays.

Along the walls of the 2400m2 store, merchandise is showcased using Xero 4. Customised for Nike, this version of the system is electrified: metal shelves, hanging rails and front arms are simply hooked into the aluminium profile.

On the ceiling, the powered Multi-Lane system not only allows free movement of individual LED lamps for optimum lighting, but also offers diverse suspension options for merchandise supports.