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Pop-up Box, Das Gerber

Stuttgart, Germany

  • Industry
  • Architecture
    Dittel Architekten, Stuttgart/ Germany
  • Opening
    September 2015
  • Photographer
    Martin Baitinger, Stuttgart/ Germany

Pop-up box in Gerber shopping mall, Stuttgart

Since 2015 Gerber shopping centre in Stuttgart has offered retailers the option of operating a temporary point of sale in the centre of the mall thanks to our pop-up boxes. These pop-up boxes are leased and consist of four elements, which can be pushed together to close and lock the box at the end of the day. Each individual box in the Gerber mall is fitted with our Invisible 6 P/L system.

Different merchandise supports, such as shelves or front arms, are hooked into the system profile. Concealed electrification ensures that merchandise supports with LED lighting are automatically connected to the power supply when inserted. Digital devices can therefore also be easily integrated and operated immediately.

Invisible 6 P/L is ideal for both lightweight and heavy merchandise. Thanks to the system's high flexibility and the versatile application options of the merchandise supports, the pop-up box can be reconfigured in just minutes. It is therefore perfect for the presentation of diverse goods from all conceivable sectors and segments.

Product overview