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Rico Moda

Goes, Netherlands

  • Industry
  • Architecture
    D. Room - Stefan Dekkers, Roosendaal/ Netherlands
  • Opening
  • Shopfitters
    Oosterom, Roosendaal/ Netherlands
  • Photographer
    Roman Thomas

Rico Moda store in Goes

Rico Moda is an exclusive multi-brand menswear store. A new Rico Moda store opened in the Dutch town of Goes in 2018, optimally furnished with our systems Kado 15, Xero L P/L and Xero Twin P/L.

The free-standing system Kado 15 is positioned along the walls and used to display shoes and apparel. The shelves can be inserted at varied heights – adapting the structure to different sized goods. Kado 15 can also be easily modified to suit changing stock levels.

Xero L P/L and Xero Twin P/L serve as useful additions in the wall area. The alumium profiles, which form the basic element of both systems, are attached to a high-quality substructure made of wood. Their understated design focusses the customer's attention on the merchandise.

While one wall panel in the Rico Moda store is equipped with a long hanging rail for jackets, the opposite wall is fitted with metal shelves. The profile is suited for use with diverse merchandise supports that highlight, for example, jackets, pullovers and shoes, as well as decorative items. The height of the shelves is freely adjustable.

Thanks to the double slots in the Xero Twin P/L profile, two merchandise supports can be inserted side by side – ideal even for heavy products. As Xero L P/L and Xero Twin P/L are electrified systems, merchandise supports with LED lighting are automatically powered when hooked into the profile. All merchandise is therefore evenly spotlighted in the Rico Moda store.