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Munich, Germany

  • Industry
  • Architecture
    Blocher Blocher Partners, Stuttgart/ Germany
  • Opening
    September 2014
  • Photographer
    Fabian Hild, Frankfurt/ Germany

Roeckl store in Munich

This international brand is synonymous with craftsmanship, and manufactures premium accessories, such as leather gloves, bags, silk scarves and many other items. The Roeckl store in Munich uses the Visplay systems Invisible 6 C and Invisible 6 P/L for a high-quality presentation of these exceptional products.

Elegant, relatively small products must be optimally showcased, undistracted by elements of the display structure. The understated systems Invisible 6 C and Invisible 6 P/L are perfectly suited to this task: different merchandise supports, such as hooks, as well as wooden and metal shelves, are inserted into the unobtrusive profile to achieve an eye-catching product presentation. The merchandise supports can be quickly and easily repositioned as required, offering considerable creative freedom for the store interior.

Product overview