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SAP Experience Center

Walldorf, Germany

  • Industry
  • Architecture
    Zeichen & Wunder, Munich/ Germany
  • Opening
    September 2019
  • Shopfitters
    Lauinger Ladenbau GmbH
  • Photographer
    Annika Feuss

SAP Experience Center in Walldorf

SAP opened the Experience Center in Walldorf in September 2019, creating an innovative space in which customers and partners can discover, experience and try out the latest SAP solutions in a unique manner. This was achieved with our ceiling rail system Multi-Lane.

Information panels, monitors – including back-to-back monitors – and display elements of all types are simply inserted into the powered ceiling rails. The rails do not just power these elements but are also a source of electricity for ceiling lighting. Each structure can be easily replaced, extended or reconfigured, so that the store can integrate new technologies at any time and remain continually up to date. Multi-Lane offers multiple design and presentation options for the retail space and window display.

Björn Ganzhorn, Team Leader at Experience SAP in Walldorf, declared:

"The new Experience Center was deliberately designed to ensure that visits can be tailored specifically to customer requirements – from the planning stage to the on-site meeting and follow-up customer support. This customisation is possible thanks to the flexibility of the meeting and exhibition rooms, which can be adapted to suit the individual customer's needs. New exhibition stations can be added at any time. The world is changing rapidly and technology with it."

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