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Sarah Chapman

London, England

  • Industry
  • Architecture
    Studio RHE, London/ England
  • Opening
    July 2015
  • Shopfitters
    Studio RHE, London/ England
  • Photographer
    James Dowthwaite, London/ England

Sarah Chapman Skin Clinic in London

Sarah Chapman is a well-known beauty expert, popular with celebrities. She opened her skin care clinic in London's Sloane Square in 2015. This elegant and luxurious clinic is furnished with our systems Kado 15 and Xero Twin P/L.

The entrance area is utilised to showcase the different skin care products. A harmonious mix of our systems Xero Twin P/L and Kado 15 create a striking presentation. Xero Twin P/L highlights the individual products, which can be displayed as required. The system consists of aluminium profiles, which are mounted in alcoves. Its double slot feature is particularly useful as two merchandise supports can be hooked in side by side. These are slender black metal shelves in Sarah Chapman's clinic. Merchandise supports with LED lighting are automatically powered once they are hooked into place and optimally spotlight the skin care products.

Kado 15 is intelligently used as a merchandise support here: the structures are simply hooked into the Xero Twin P/L profiles. It is utilised to exhibit special certificates and prizes in particular. The system offers versatile configuration options, can be extended at any time and has an appealing understated design that blends in perfectly with the store's interior.

Product overview