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SEIBU Shibuya

Tokyo, Japan

  • Industry
  • Architecture
    Direction: Hiromura design Office/Masaaki Hiromura Concept, Architecture: Yuko Nagayama & Associates/ Yuko Nagayama/ Sahori Ohsawa Architecture Support, Nomura CO.,LTD./ Shinpei Takeda
  • Opening
    August 2015
  • Photographer
    Nobutada Omote

SEIBU Shibuya store in Tokyo

Anyone who has been to Tokyo will be familiar with SEIBU Shibuya: the modern Japanese department store was opened in Shibuya in 2015. To furnish the new store, SEIBU Shibuya opted for Mono 12 and Mono 20 P/L from Visplay.

SEIBU Shibuya in Japan has a unique atmosphere. Our systems Mono 12 and Mono 20 P/L blend perfectly into the sophisticated store design and provide a striking platform for the rich product range. Both systems are used in the arches set in the walls, and display goods on shelves or hooks. The merchandise supports are simply inserted or hooked into the base element of each system, so-called holders. Mono 20 P/L automatically powers the LED lamps under the shelves with electricity. The merchandise supports can also be replaced and rearranged at any time to suit changing assortments and stock levels.

Product overview