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Severinus Apotheke

Vienna, Austria

  • Industry
  • Architecture
    Hoffelner Schmid Architekten ZT GmbH, Vienna/ Austria
  • Opening
    December 2018
  • Retail space
    250 m²
  • Shopfitters
    Hochgerner Tischlerei, Böheimkirchen/ Austria
  • Photographer
    Maximilian Haidacher

Severinus Apotheke in Vienna

The modern pharmacy Severinus Apotheke opened in Vienna in 2018. It is furnished with our systems Invisible 3 and Invisible 6 P/L.

Both systems are used in wall and mid-floor areas. They structure the retail space and enable a clear presentation of the product range. With their sleek, linear design, Invisible 3 and Invisible 6 P/L blend perfectly into the overall look of Severinus Apotheke.

The basic element of each Invisible system is a profile into which wooden and glass shelves are hooked. Invisible 6 P/L is electrified and automatically supplies power to merchandise supports equipped with LED lighting.

Severinus Apotheke uses our Invisible 3 system for the display of smaller and more lightweight items in the cashdesk zone. Here the merchandise supports can be repositioned as required to adapt to a changing product assortment.