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Skagen Showroom

Basel , Switzerland

  • Industry
  • Architecture
    Steinmann & Schmid Architekten AG, Basel/ Switzerland
  • Opening
    March 2016
  • Lightning technology
    Ansorg, Mülheim an der Ruhr/ Germany
  • Photographer
    Peter Schönenberger

The Danish watch and jewelry makers Skagen opened a showroom in Basel, Switzerland in March 2016. The elegant showroom was fitted with the Xero system.

A combination of the systems Xero L P/L and Xero Twin P/L is used along the walls. The vertical Xero systems have a very understated aesthetic. Bags, accessories and decorative items are showcased on expansive wooden shelves fitted in the Xero profiles. Thanks to Xero Twin's double slots, several wooden shelves can be easily mounted side by side to create larger displays. Skagen also clearly demonstrates the further added value of our Xero systems: a TV screen is mounted in Xero's electrified rails and connected to the power supply through an adapter. The electrified system is also ideal for the use of shelves with lighting. The shelves are equipped with integrated LED lamps and illuminate the merchandise on display.

Product overview