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London, England

  • Industry
  • Architecture
    Dalziel & Pow
  • Opening
    September 2020
  • Shopfitters
    Cumberland Construction
  • Photographer
    Alicia Clarke

Twinings store in London

The Twinings store, the oldest tea shop in London, has traded at the same address since 1706. Due to the old building structure, the retail space is somewhat confined. When the store was refurbished, Visplay's Qubo 25 P/L system was selected in a special size.

The Qubo 25 P/L system has an integrated power supply. This is essential for the optimum lighting of merchandise in the narrow Twining store – as there is simply not enough space for separate lighting. The striking Qubo system with integrated LEDs allows a modern presentation of the huge range of teas and initiates a compelling dialogue with the shop's rich history and architecture.

Product overview