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Allendorf, Germany

  • Industry
  • Architecture
    Blocher Partners, Stuttgart/ Germany
  • Opening
    June 2020
  • Shopfitters
    Schlegel GmbH
  • Photographer
    Joachim Grothus

Viessmann staff canteen in Allendorf

Viessmann is known worldwide for its climate and energy solutions. The head office in Allendorf has a staff canteen with a multi-functional community zone that reflects the innovative character of the company. The canteen not only offers a feel-good atmosphere but also provides inspirational spaces for agile working. This special concept was implemented with the aid of Multi-Lane – our versatile ceiling rail system.

Multi-Lane ensures that the canteen has plenty of quiet secluded zones. Large curtains divide the community area into smaller sections. Even meeting tables and whiteboards are suspended from the system's ceiling rails – ideal conditions for productive encounters!

Multi-Lane support frames can be repositioned at any time, making it possible to adapt the layout to its users' requirements. For example, whiteboards that are mounted on castors can be pulled up or pushed away. Luminaires are also hooked into the ceiling rails and flexibly utilised for the personalised lighting of individual zones. The decorative plant installations in the Multi-Lane support frames round off the overall image and provide the finishing touch to this elegant and inviting interior.

Product overview