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Paris, London, Isetan, France, Great Britain, Japan

  • Industry
  • Opening
  • Photographer
    Alexandra de Cossette, Oliver Rudkin, Ko Tsuchiya

Vitra Roadshow concept in Paris, London and Tokyo

In 2016, Vitra presented a special roadshow concept to the world. The tour stops were Paris and London, as well as Isetan Department Store Shinjuku (Tokyo). The mobile exhibition was possible thanks to our versatile Kado 25 system.

Kado 25 can be assembled into a virtually unlimited range of structures, such as cubes, shelf units, tables, plinths, gondolas or even ceiling-mounted elements. The basic system consists of square metal tubes, which were powder-coated in the colour traffic white duro for the roadshow. The metal tubes are connected by twisting through 45°. The addition of individual panels gives the open structure more visual substance. The system can also be extended in all four directions at any time. Simple assembly, disassembly and reconfiguration allow rapid modifications of the entire installation. Thanks to a high level of flexibility, easy handling and simple storage, Kado 25 is the ideal solution for a roadshow.

Product overview