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Vitra Studio Office

Birsfelden, Switzerland

  • Industry
  • Architecture
    SevilPeach, London/ Great Britain
  • Opening
    June 2015
  • Roll out
  • Shopfitters

Vitra Studio Office in Birsfelden

The renowned Swiss furniture manufacturer has its head office in Birsfelden. Completed in 2015, the Vitra Studio Office provides the perfect demonstration that our structural system Kado 25 is not just suited to retail interiors, but is also ideal for office environments.

Free-standing Kado 25 installations are used to design the wall and mid-floor areas, thereby structuring the open-place office space. Integrated shelves offer storage options for office supplies, as well as space for decorative elements.

Kado 25 is particularly versatile – even different sized desks can be easily integrated. Kado 25 therefore creates space for concentrated work. Cork pinboards, lockers and whiteboards are also included in the structures, providing ideal conditions for creative development! Three open meeting rooms round off this demonstration by the wondrously versatile Kado system. Although these rooms are adjacent, the special acoustics guarantee that there is no disturbance.

Product overview