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Ingolstadt, Germany


Wöhrl fashion store in Ingolstadt

Around 80 years ago, Rudolf Wöhrl found a button on the street, which became his lucky charm. When he later founded a chain of fashion stores in Nuremberg, the button became the company trademark that is still in use today. The traditional family company is renowned for its high-quality products and has 39 stores throughout Germany. The new store in Ingolstadt is furnished with our systems Beam, Kado 15, Kado 25, Label, Stripes, Xero 4 and Xero 8 .

The Wöhrl store in Ingolstadt is equipped with a variety of display systems. Our systems Xero 4, Xero 8, Beam and Stripes are used for wall displays. They are fitted with a range of merchandise supports for the presentation of hanging, folded or standing goods. Shelves, hanging rails or front arms are hooked into the respective system manually, and can be easily repositioned at any time.

The versatile Kado 15 system is used along the wall and also in mid-floor areas, offering generous space, for example, for showcasing bags. The system can be extended at any time, and is suited for the presentation of a wide variety of goods. Kado 15 can be fitted with panels in a choice of materials that match the design and function of the store interior.