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Electronic shelf labels

Whether utilised in the food sector, fashion and footwear stores or pharmacies, electronic shelf labels are found in every retail branch and segment. Today they are no longer used just to display prices, but play a more enhanced role, providing employees and customers alike with diverse information. They save time in the purchase decision and contribute to an improved shopping experience.

The electronic shelf labels clip securely into place on the selected display system. Connected to the power supply in the concealed 3V rail, they do not require any batteries.

There are no limits to the available options, enabling the display of product descriptions, graphics, photos, QR codes and barcodes alongside the price. Different apps can be connected with ESLs. This makes it possible to find a product quicker. The product in question is selected in the app and the LED lamp on the ESL lights up immediately.

Just as our powered display systems come in a range of materials and colour schemes, the electronic shelf labels can be selected in matching colours and sizes.

  • No batteries necessary; ESLs tap power from electrified shelf systems

  • Clip securely into place on the selected system

  • Compatible with the powered systems: Qubo P/L, Invisible 6 P/L

  • Easy data updates via PC or tablet

  • Choice of size and colour


  • Price automation / intelligence

  • Product geolocation and real-time planogram management

  • Picking and replenishment optimisation

  • Customer connectivity and in-store digital services

  • Digital advertising and sales promotion

  • Follow-up data analysis

Weincenter Consordonk, Oud Turnhout, Belgium
The beverage store Drinkcenter Oud Turnhout in Belgium includes a digitally aided wine section. The powered Qubo system provides the infrastructure for this innovative zone. The touchscreen at the entrance assists and advises customers on their choice of wine. It is not necessary to be a wine expert, the customer can simply enter what they are planning to eat to find out what best accompanies each dish. It is also possible to make selections according to country of origin, grape variety, type of wine or budget. Thanks to the electrified Qubo shelf system, electronic shelf labels and LED lighting are simply fitted to the shelves and connected to the power supply. The shelf labels are connected with the touchscreen at the entrance via WiFi, and light up according to the customer's selection. System integrator: Dobit Solutions ESLs: SES Imagotag WiFi controllers: Nexmosphere
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