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Use our systems and products just as you need! Whether in retail, in the office, in Health & Beauty or pop-up stores, whether in pharmacies, banking & insurance or hotel & hospitality – the possible applications and configuration options of our systems are unlimited.

Our products also offer diverse installation options: they blend in flexibly with the interior – and can therefore be integrated in practically any space.

The following provides inspirational examples that will help you plan your concept. Please do not hesitate to contact our in-house experts if you have any questions.

Possible applications

Visplay is at home everywhere: Our systems and products prove themselves daily in the most diverse environments in countless sectors. Here you will find a few examples of the varied application possibilities offered by our product portfolio:


EuroShop2020 gave Visplay an impressive platform for the future-oriented concept of shared spaces.


The mono-brand stores created for EuroShop 2017 were subsequently adopted by our showroom in Weil am Rhein. Each store represents a traditional retail sector: Automotive, Health & Beauty, Fashion, Food – with its own brands and immersive experience.