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Access control system
Management of customer flow

Manage customer flow with the access control system

In order to comply with current provisions and regulations in this period of COVID-19, we have worked with our digital partners to develop an access control system. It aims to assist retail stores by automatically managing the flow of customers without the use of personnel.

The number of customers in the shop is counted with the aid of cameras. The flow of customers can then be automatically managed, without the use of personnel, by means of a simple traffic light system in the display screen. In the event of queues in front of the store, safety rule reminders can be shown on the screen.

The combination of Visplay system and digital display ensures that once the COVID-19 crisis is over, the system can be easily integrated in the normal store architecture as a shelving system for merchandise display with an advertising screen.

It is possible to continue using the customer counting system without connecting it to the display screen.

The shelving system can be easily extended and reconfigured.

  • Control of customer flow without use of personnel, one-time investment

  • Easy to assemble

  • Easy to use for store employees – daily adjustment of number of employees possible via an APP

  • Display screen can be used for multiple purposes, for example to show advertising, safety rules or other content

  • Maintenance-free

  • 6-day support service (remote assistance) possible – worldwide

  • Subsequent use as a shelf unit incl. advertising screen

  • Shelf unit can be easily extended

  • Cameras can be installed on the ceiling and then used to count customers

  • The shelving system is available in two versions – with a 32-inch or 43-inch monitor