Agile working

Flexible Office System

Many organizations shift in the way people collaborate and interact. Today's focus is increasingly on communication, dynamic teamwork and creative exchange to keep pace with economic and technological developments.

Today, successful office work requires spaces that fulfil new requirements. Teams can configure flexible agile environments to suit their projects and tasks – and once these have been completed, the layout can be reorganised again. However, places for quiet concentration are still necessary and remain key features in a cohesive office landscape.

Shaping office environments to meet the needs of flexible project work requires clear structures. FOS offers the perfect solution.

Solutions using FOS:

Agile workspaces

The challenge of agile working is to create a dynamic environment that promotes productivity and can be flexibly adapted to changing processes. The primary focus is on increased communication, interaction and creativity – but it also demands the existence of quiet retreats for concentrated solo tasks. FOS has solutions for every situation and can be adapted time and again to suit the current needs of teams and individual users.

The mobile systems are intuitively combined using shelves to create diverse structures and layouts. Creative phases are also supported by the addition of whiteboards and pinboards where needed.

Furthermore, the system provides practical storage for work materials and can be outfitted with digital communication tools for use as a media trolley. Open-plan offices can therefore be divided into the most varied zones for lively creative processes with optimum workflows.

Work environments

Well-designed open-plan offices are purposefully and intelligently divided into clearly allocated zones. The FOS system helps structure such open concepts and contributes to a more home-like atmosphere.

In contast to fixed shelving elements, FOS offers considerable freedom as the structures and their layout can be easily and flexibly adapted to changing needs. And in addition to providing practical storage, it can also be fitted with whiteboards and pinboards to support creative work processes. The pinboards made of acoustic felt help absorb sound and reduce noise.


The number of participants at daily scrums can vary considerably, yet everyone present should have enough space to let their creativity flow. The mobile FOS system is the solution for creating such layouts at short notice: its flexibility accommodates the dynamics of daily scrums – both large and small.

The mobile standing-height table combined with pinboards and whiteboards is a setting that is as simple as it is efficient, and it creates ample scope for creative exchange. The boards can be suspended from the shelf units or wall rails – and the acoustic felt surface contributes to a pleasant inviting atmosphere.

Digital elements for daily scrums are integrated using the media trolley with its monitor, while shelving offers useful storage space and the coat rack helps keep the area tidy. Depending on how closed or transparent the meeting setting is, teams can also interact with each other for productive collaborative processes.

Presentations and events

The number of participants, the use of media and the presentation format may all vary according to the selected event. The available space, as well as its furnishings and equipment, must therefore be flexibly adaptable in order to accomodate the most diverse scenarios.

FOS is the ideal solution – including technical installations, such as the media trolley with TV monitor, whiteboards and pinboards, as well as versatile storage options. It therefore covers all the requirements of both classic and hybrid presentation methods.

Materials and technical accessories are stored away in the shelf cubes and storage boxes, while the coat rack unit keeps the event space tidy. A semi-circular seating layout promotes focus and engagement, gives a clear view of the presentation area and also makes it possible, for example, to observe social distancing rules.

Advantages and features

  • Adaptability: system can be easily reconfigured

  • Simple modification of spatial layout: for presentations & events, meetings, agile workspaces, work environments

  • Sustainability: easy to assemble and disassemble to raw parts

  • Flexible utilisation: power source is inset

  • Easy to use: simple, quick modification of spatial layout: for presentations, events & scrum meetings for example