Visplay offers a wide variety of electrified systems (P/L). Designed to carry current, the systems come in a number of variants – whether as wall, mid-floor or ceiling solutions. Thanks to a sophisticated electrification concept, power is available anywhere along the rail without plug connections, and all electrical cables are concealed.

From powering merchandise supports equipped with lighting to electronic shelf labels and the integration of digital devices, electrified systems offer countless options for staging products at the point of sale.

Topics related to electrification:

Advantages and features

  • Available as wall, mid-floor or ceiling solutions
  • Flexible electrified shelving
  • Sophisticated electrification concepts (power available in any position)
Further advantages and features
  • Power cables are concealed
  • Easy to install – no electrician required
  • Countless possible lighting concepts
  • Certifications: CE conformity, UL
  • Diverse light colours for different moods and atmospheres
  • Use of electricity for connection of monitors and digital end devices
  • Integration of electronic shelf labels, with no need for batteries
  • Use in diverse sectors and segments
  • TÜV and GS tested and approved
  • Sustainably sourced

Electrified systems from Visplay: