Visplay's electrified systems allow the seamless integration of diverse lighting concepts. Merchandise supports and fittings with integrated lighting are of key importance for the merchandise display. Powered by Visplay's electrified systems, they create a harmonious lighting effect and perfectly accentuate the products below.

LED spotlights

With our Multi-Lane and Qubo Wall P/L systems, LED spotlights can also be easily hooked into the system frame or uprights, in addition to the use of lighting in merchandise supports. We use the latest high-quality LED lighting technology (CRI > 90).

Easy to use

Electrified shelves are simply inserted or hooked into place in the different systems.

Use of Multi-Lane ceiling rails

The Multi-Lane ceiling rails provide the necessary infrastructure for store lighting. Luminaires can be freely positioned in the profiles. This enables an easy and flexible configuration of new store concepts.

Advantages and features

  • Countless possible lighting concepts
  • Diverse light colours for different moods and atmospheres
  • Prevents shadow zones
Further advantages and features
  • Optimal staging of merchandise
  • Easy to use – no electrician required

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