Monitors & digital devices

Testing, handling, feeling, smelling – a contemporary shopping experience effortlessly combines the possibilities offered by the offline world with modern digital advancements. Monitors or digital devices, such as tablets and smartphones, provide access to local data or the brand's own online shop. In addition, the electrification option of our Multi-Lane system allows, for example, the added use of cameras, which can be installed and directly powered in the ceiling system – for security or analytical purposes.

Monitors and connected devices therefore combine online and offline resources to create a holistic shopping experience and enrich the customer journey with digital elements.

Advantages and features

  • Linking of online and offline channels
  • Creation of interactive elements, digital customer experience
  • Enhanced merchandise display
Further advantages and features
  • Simple and effective communication of additional information
  • Greater visual inspiration (entertainment)
  • Increased customer attention and longer average stay in store
  • In-store navigation aid
  • Digitalised customer advice frees up staff
  • Link to online shop, social media etc.
  • Improved customer retention
  • Individualised payment through digital cashdesk systems, promotion of seamless checkout, reduced waiting times

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