Modifiable interior concepts

Transforming spaces and interior concepts generally involves considerable time and money: materials and equipment – systems and furnishings – have to be purchased with often lengthy delivery times. Professional fitters are also currently difficult to find and when everything is finally ready to go, the space in question is out of bounds for the duration of the transformation work.

Invisible Change is the solution to all of these problems. Interiors can be given a new look and feel with very little effort. No structural measures, electricians or fitters are needed – the system can be quickly and easily reconfigured by the staff on site.

Invisible Change is a system substructure that allows regular transformations, providing a sustainable solution for the store concepts of tomorrow. The following options are available:

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Advantages and features

  • Multiple modifiable elements: back panels, merchandise supports, fittings, monitors and digital devices
  • Sustainability: basic structure remains intact
  • Ingenious electrification: integrated power source
  • Easy transformation: no specialist technicians required

Systems designed for modifiable interior concepts: