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For the second time diconium has researched and observed the core drivers of retail and identified corresponding challenges and new developments. The results are summarized in NEW RETAIL 2020 - a practice-oriented report that brings together new technologies and current challenges with architecture, people and retail culture.

The aim of the report is to highlight the transitions where retail merges to create new opportunities that lead to a changed or redefined purpose, business model or new services in retail. At the same time, the report serves to build a bridge to VISPLAY's core business with the trends and current challenges as well as practical examples.

Retail gives people the stability they need in a world of uncertainty by providing a sense of connection, support and wellbeing.

Have we caught your interest? The Retail Report is available as a digital and printed version. If you are more interested, our experts will be happy to inform you and your team about the Retail Report in a personal meeting.

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We are committed to observing the future of retail. A future that currently seems more uncertain than ever before We experience an uncontrollable collapse of our everyday life and the world as we know it. From one day to the other, but also down the road. Uncertainties along with continuous change will accompany us beyond the corona crisis. This is why resilience is becoming an increasingly important characteristic for ourselves and our businesses.

The world of retail as we know it is melting away. What developments can we expect? How will uncertainty change our culture, values and consumption patterns, our collective mindset? We want to bring clarity into an uncertain situation, discover what opportunities are opening up for your business, and for all of us. That's why we wrote this report.


Retail needs to become resilient to the constant uncertainty and disruptions of our modern world. Its role is to provide the stability and normality people desperately seek by delivering a sense of connection, support and wellbeing. Crisis such as the pandemic put retail on the test. How companies behave today will be remembered for years to come. Now is the time for any retailer or brand to react on its purpose and then prioritize its contribution to it at any opportunity – digital and IRL.

Achieving relevance means to provide everything-as-a-Service. To deliver newness and discovery, to react to context and proximity, to ensure frictionless convenience and to reconnect to the local community

Lean into your blind spots as well as your bright spots. Lean into the next normal of retail. Now more than ever. It's the time to be an innovator. This is the ultimate time to humanize retail through the help of digital. Our systems are the perfect complement here.

An eye-tracking tool that determines the current mood of the customer to provide him an individual shopping experience. An individual light adjustment in the changing room to enhance the customer's buying experience. A modern self-checkout system to reduce unnecessary waiting to a minimum. These are just a few examples that we can easily integrate into our electrified shelving systems.

Suitable systems for digital integration