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Flexible Concepts

Temporary retail spaces are regularly required and can be integrated in diverse settings. This can take the form of a kiosk in a mall walkway, a store dedicated to pop ups in a large shopping centre, a small inner city shop with a short lease period, as well as a specially developed pop-up village. All pop-up stores have one thing in common: the need for shop fittings that offer maximum flexibility. Established retailers can also benefit from the advantages of versatile concepts in their stores.

How is a temporary store furnished without major structural modifications and with little effort?

Omnio offers a solution for every situation. The free-standing structures do not require mounting on walls and are also fitted with storage cabinets for merchandise. The good quality, durable system is designed to maintain an outstanding appearance despite frequent relocations, and is easy to handle, assemble and dismantle. Thanks to storage in small flatpacks, the pop up store can be easily stocked and transported.

The electrical power source concealed in the rails of the shelf system enables options such as the use of shelves with integrated LED lighting or the easy insertion of LED spotlights for optimum illumination of merchandise. Costly ceiling structures for the suspension of luminaires are therefore unnecessary in pop-up stores. In addition to shelf lighting, digital devices can also tap power from the electrified rails. This facilitates, for example, the use of a simple cashdesk system.

Besides the use of diverse merchandise supports, such as shelves for folded articles or rails for hanging goods, the shelf system can also be configured as a changing room by fitting curtains on the rails.

Different structural possibilities with the use of diverse materials, such as wood, glass and metal, and a choice of colours round off the customised design options for your pop-up store.


The electrified Omnio system covers all the requirements of a temporary retail space:

  • Mid-floor and wall structures

  • High level of flexibility

  • Simple to assemble, reconfigure and dismantle

  • Electrical power source available for e.g. merchandise lighting / connection of tablets and cash desks

  • Flexible store branding

  • Different scope of applications for fashion (hanging goods), health & beauty and accessories (folded items)

  • Possible integration of changing room for fashion

  • Choice of materials (wood, glass, metal) and colours

  • Storeroom/storage space can be integrated in structures

  • Flatpack

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