Pop-up stores with Omnio P/L

How to create a temporary store with minimum effort?

Omnio P/L offers a fully customisable solution for all the challenges of a pop-up store – with no need for wall mounting, the free-standing structures exist with storage options for merchandise. The system benefits from high-quality workmanship and is therefore extremely durable – the overall display is always outstanding even in the event of frequent changes of address. It is also simple to handle, and can be quickly assembled or dismantled again. Reduced to a flatpack, your pop-up store can be easily stored away or transported.

As electrification is concealed in the profiles of our modular system, it is possible to use shelves with integrated LED lighting or hook spotlights into the frame. This guarantees that merchandise is perfectly illuminated, without the need for any costly ceiling lighting structures. Digital devices, such as a simple cashdesk system, can also be connected to the electrified rails.

Besides the use of diverse merchandise supports, such as shelves for folded or standing articles or rails for hanging goods, the shelf system can additionally be configured to include a changing room: curtains are simply hung on the existing rails.

The basic Omnio P/L system element is made of metal and can be coated in a range of colours. Shelves are available in a choice of materials: not just glass and wood, but also colour-coated metal. Use our Omnio P/L configurator to create your own individual structure.

Advantages of our systems for pop-up stores:

The electrified Omnio system covers all the requirements of a temporary retail space:
  • Mid-floor and wall structures

  • High level of flexibility

  • Simple to assemble, reconfigure and dismantle

  • Electrical power source available for e.g. merchandise lighting / connection of tablets and cash desks

  • Flexible store branding

  • Different scope of applications for fashion (hanging goods), health & beauty and accessories (folded items)

  • Possible integration of changing room for fashion

  • Choice of materials (wood, glass, metal) and colours

  • Storeroom/storage space can be integrated in structures

  • Flatpack


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