Pop-Up Stores with Qubo 25 P/L

Our Qubo 25 P/L system: perfect for designing a temporary store. Take advantage of the multiple options of Qubo 25 P/L to quickly and easily adapt your store to the latest requirements – the system can be assembled, dismantled and reconfigured at any time! Though exceedingly simple to use, Qubo 25 P/L is characterised by an appealing design and long-lasting quality. One particular system highlight: optional drawers provide extra storage space – ideal for use in roadshows! The entire pop-up store can be dismantled into a flatpack in an instant and easily stored or transported.

Qubo 25 P/L comes with electrification – an invaluable feature for temporary stores. Power rails concealed within the system's frame allow the use of merchandise supports with LED lighting. Once inserted, the merchandise supports are automatically supplied with electricity and optimally accentuate your merchandise! Spotlights or digital devices can also be effortlessly integrated, further boosting the impact of your product display. This saves time and resources. You can even operate a cashdesk system that is powered by our electrified system.

To present folded or standing items, shelves are available in glass, metal or wood – the choice is yours. We also offer bars for hanging merchandise. All merchandise supports can be installed in the basic system in just seconds.

Qubo 25 P/L offers diverse configuration options and is available in a choice of colours and materials (wood, glass or metal). The system can therefore be easily adapted to suit the design of your pop-up store. Use our Qubo 25 P/L configurator to create your own individual structure.

Example structures fashion sector

Example structures sports sector

Advantages of our systems for pop-up stores:

  • Ideal for mid-floor spaces & walls

  • Highly flexible and customisable

  • Simple to assemble, reconfigure and dismantle

  • Easy integration of merchandise supports with LED lighting & digital devices

  • Flexible store branding

  • Different possible applications for fashion (hanging goods), health & beauty and accessories (folded and standing items)

  • Possible integration of a changing room

  • Choice of colours & surface finishes (wood, glass, metal)

  • Optionally available with useful storage space/compartments

  • Space-saving flatpack


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