The NEW RETAIL 2019 & 2020 report was compiled on the basis of intensive scouting and investigations of real-world examples around the globe. It highlights the transitioning ways that brands and retail have created new opportunities in changing conditions.

This year, we have decided to transform the NEW RETAIL report into a living and fluid format that will continue to evolve over the course of 2021 – constantly refined through 'swarm intelligence'. We also decided to change the name from NEW RETAIL to REFRAMING RETAIL. Why? Because 'new retail' no longer fits the current state of the industry (just as 'new media' no longer exists). To be successful, retail must be used in different contexts, reinventing the meaning and value of the physical store paired with online technology. This is where the future looks bright – REFRAMING RETAIL.

The ensuing knowledge obtained produces a panorama of diverse opinions from experts worldwide – people of influence who have something to say and are not content to stand still.

Our aim is to gather perspectives and opinions that will spark a profusion of thoughts and inspirations. To achieve this, we have drawn up 21 theses for 2021, which we can critically examine together.

Have we aroused your interest? Download the retail report in its digital version and discuss the 21 theses with us.
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