The pace at which trends, fashions and tastes are changing is faster than ever before. To keep up with the zeitgeist and continuously adapt your assortments to current demands, flexible design concepts are a must. Our systems provide the perfect foundation. They are easy to assemble, continually modifiable – and so unobtrusive that they can be used across all retail sectors: that is what characterises successful solutions. Our flexibly configurable systems demonstrate impressive versatility, adapted to your needs. They also blend in harmoniously with the most diverse interior styles – from eccentric to minimalist, from casual to haute couture.

The solution for use on the ceiling: the electrified Multi-Lane system. Merchandise supports with integrated LEDs can be flexibly repositioned along the rails and perfectly accentuate your products.

For walls and mid-floor zones, we recommend our systems Omnio P/L, Qubo P/L and Kado. Easy to assemble, the free-standing structural systems can be positioned whether needed and used for a variety of purposes.

For merchandise displays on walls, Invisible, Xero, Mono, Grid 50, Beam and Stripes are the perfect solutions. Elegantly understated, these wall systems put your products in the spotlight.

If a system name ends in P/L, it is electrified. This means no additional lighting is necessary: your products are optimally illuminated by merchandise supports with integrated LEDs, powered directly by the system! Additional spotlights or digital devices of any kind can be easily integrated for further added value.

Advantages of our systems for retail:

  • Perfectly suited to diverse articles, merchandise and product assortments

  • Compatible with a wide variety of merchandise supports: shoe shelves, front arms, hanging rails and more

  • Also available in electrified versions: for optimum lighting

  • Maximum flexibility: simple reconfiguration for continually changing, up-to-date assortments

  • Practical storage space directly on the shop floor

  • Simple modern design: the focus is on your merchandise

  • Also suitable for heavy merchandise

  • Cleverly positioned mid-floor structures create targeted pathways

  • Areas of use: mid-floor, wall and ceiling

  • Can be extended at any time

Suitable products