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Anodised aluminium

The process of anodisation is applied to aluminium. In fact we talk of the electrolytic oxidation of aluminium. This deposits a hard-wearing protective layer on the system parts. The following colours are available for the aluminium profiles in the systems Invisible 3, Invisible 6 P/L, Invisible 8, Stripes, MixMix, Beam, Xero 4, Xero 8, Xero L P/L and Xero Twin P/L.

  • Natural anodised aluminium
  • Black anodised aluminium

Standard colours

For basic systems made of metal, such as Qubo Wall P/L, Qubo 25 P/L, Omnio P/L, Kado 15, Kado 25, Grid 50 and Multi-Lane, we offer the following standard powder-coatings. Please note that the colour light silver mistral is used exclusively with our system Label and that not all surface finishes are available for every basic system.

  • Traffic white duro*
  • Light silver duro*
  • Black steel duro*
  • Light silver mistral

Special colours

The special colours listed are available for all of our systems and products on request.

  • Night blue
  • Forest green
  • Highland green
  • Sterling silver duro*
  • Dark bronze
  • Rose bronze
  • Champagne gold

*duro surface finishes are ideal for all systems, products and supports that are subject to heavy wear.