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Anodised aluminium

We apply the process of anodisation exclusively to aluminium. In fact we talk of the electrolytic oxidation of aluminium. This deposits a hard-wearing protective layer on the system parts. It is suited to profiles, uprights and frames – provided they are made of aluminium.

  • Natural anodised aluminium
  • Black anodised aluminium

Powder-coated duro

If we coat conductive materials with a special powder paint, the result is the surface finish powder-coated duro. It is ideal for all systems, products and supports that are subject to heavy wear.

  • Traffic white duro
  • Light silver duro
  • Sterling silver duro
  • Black steel duro

Colours (powder-coated)

The listed colours are available for all of our systems and products. However, they are less suited to surfaces that must with withstand heavy wear. Please note that the colour light silver mistral is used exclusively with our system Label.

  • Light silver mistral
  • Dolphin grey
  • Stone grey
  • Night blue
  • Champagne gold
  • Rose bronze
  • Khaki bronze
  • Dark bronze
  • Highland green
  • Forest green