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Area 13

Area 13 – this functional single point support system is ideally suited to the presentation of lightweight merchandise, such as footwear or accessories, on horizontal surfaces. The round socket has an inner diameter of 13 mm and can be embedded in plinths, table tops and feature areas. Shelf supports and sign holders are then simply inserted. An Area 13 socket has a load-bearing capacity of up to 7 kg.

Area 13 can be used in diverse sectors and segments, creating striking highlights in mid-floor retail spaces, window displays, office environments or service landscapes. The system can be easily integrated in either wooden or glass panels.

Advantages and features

  • Design and display flexibility for plinths, tables and mid-floor installations

  • Easy installation in wooden and glass panels

  • Easy to handle: merchandise supports are simply inserted into the sockets

  • Merchandise supports and fittings can be powder-coated in a choice of colours

  • Merchandise supports can be turned and positioned at 90° increments.

  • Compatible with Label (sign holders)

  • Areas of application: brochure stands, information displays/price labels, merchandise presentations

  • Max. load-bearing capacity per Area 13 socket: 7 kg

  • Singe point support system